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Our industrial and commercial clients benefit from custom solutions that efficiently meet their specific operational needs

Tailored Equipment For Your Industrial Workplace

Commercial and industrial spaces rely heavily on audio-visual, sound and communications technology to support their occupants.

Whether it is overcoming high noise levels in factories or the inclusion of safety and security schemes for your commercial offices, Vaughan Sound regularly designs, supplies, installs and maintains a diverse range of systems as follows:

With over 50 years of experience in serving industrial and commercial clients across the UK, we often work closely with management, IT, facilities, HR and marketing personnel to conduct a full needs analysis, determining your use cases and how you wish to implement technology to enhance your workplace.

Vaughan Sound’s systems are used by companies to communicate with, engage, inform and protect employees across a wide range of environments – both internally and externally.

Many of our customers are also looking towards AV over IP. AVoIP solutions allow for the future proofing of systems by creating a seamless connection with building management infrastructure – ultimately making them much easier to monitor and manage. Simply ask us for further details.

We can guide you through all you need to know about our industrial and commercial audio-visual, sound, communications and life safety systems.

Our designers and engineers are on hand to discuss your exact requirements.

Call us today on 01554 740500 or email to discuss your project.