Vaughan Sound

Interactive Touchscreens for Schools, Colleges, Universities and Classrooms

Vaughan Sound is a highly experienced supplier and installer of interactive touchscreens for schools, colleges and universities.

Efficient teaching equipment is essential to the quality of every student’s education.

Old, dated classroom technology will negatively impact teaching time, the productivity of staff and pupils, and ultimately the retention of information.

It will come as no surprise that school staff regularly tell us that they are aware of the correlation between pupils being unable to properly see content on poor flat-panel displays (blackboards, whiteboards and TVs) and those same students achieving lower exam/test results than others.

Through the use of interactive touchscreens and the latest audio-visual technology, Vaughan Sound provides exciting and engaging additions to any teaching space.

Our highly popular touchscreen technology offers a first-class teaching tool that actively encourages inclusive, interactive and collaborative learning environments.

It is now almost a given that students will use smartphones, tablets and connected devices on a daily basis.

Therefore, their demands for effective technology in the classroom are built upon their everyday expectations that interactive touchscreens should work seamlessly and aid their learning.

Livening up lessons, Vaughan Sound’s interactive touchscreens for schools are designed to display multimedia content that teaching staff and pupils can interact with via simple, intuitive touch gestures.

Touchscreens provide teachers with the flexibility to quickly and easily transition between lesson activities without having to access on-screen menus, enabling students to efficiently work together on tasks via multitouch software.

Schools investing in interactive touchscreens also benefit from access to free educational resources, including videos, 3D images and more, that are specifically created to work with the displays to enhance the learning experience.

Offering seamless and instant interaction at your fingertips, ease of use and reliability, Vaughan Sound is fully conversant with a vast range of interactive touchscreen hardware and software.

We can make recommendations based upon room dimensions, furniture/seating layouts, average number of students, network infrastructure and preferred manufacturers.

Ancient overhead projector? Faulty DVD player? Whiteboard with areas that can’t be seen clearly by pupils sitting at the back of the classroom?

Old technology and display equipment shouldn’t be an ongoing frustration for staff and students.

Capture creativity, enhance engagement and promote productivity with well-performing audio-visual equipment that really makes a difference.