Vaughan Sound

Emergency Lockdown Systems for Schools

The safety and security of staff and pupils are paramount in any school.

Vaughan Sound’s emergency lockdown systems are the latest addition to our life safety portfolio, providing educational establishments with the ability to swiftly restrict access and egress to prevent danger to occupants.

Sadly, imminent threats and unsolicited attacks are a possibility at any school building, grounds or campus – whether it be an abusive person, someone carrying a sharp object or weapon, or an act of terrorism.

Vaughan Sound works closely with school staff, including building and facilities managers and IT/network engineers, to integrate lockdown solutions alongside existing fire alarm, lift, door, intercom, public address, CCTV and even digital signage equipment.

IP networked systems can be integrated to operate side by side with the infrastructure in situ.

In an emergency scenario school staff can be reassured that they have an armoury of technology to control the flow of students and colleagues, manage their safe escape and evacuation, and ultimately quickly adapt to any situation that arises.

We know that each and every school has a different plan and associated procedures for such eventualities, so Vaughan Sound provides dynamic solutions that can be tailored accordingly.

To guarantee assistance without delay in case of emergency, school staff need to quickly establish what has happened, when and where it has occurred, what processes can the staff manage themselves, and what can the various emergency lockdown systems do to assist.

A whole array of resources and technologies can be called upon to significantly enhance communication across floors, whole buildings, playgrounds, sports pitches and campuses, as well as providing easy access to secure control measures during emergency lockdown.

Having an emergency lockdown procedure in place, and the audio-visual systems to successfully implement it, are both crucial in minimising risk and ensuring the safety of building users.

The Department for Education now insist on schools and local authorities having an emergency plan, which is further backed up by the National Union of Teachers.

For further information about our audio-visual expertise in educational environments, our various systems and product capabilities, or to discuss your specific project requirements with our experienced designers and engineers, please do not hesitate to get in touch.