Vaughan Sound completes induction loop installation at All Souls Church, Tycoch.

All Souls Church, Tycoch - Vaughan Sound

Vaughan Sound has completed a sound and induction loop installation at All Souls Church in Tycoch, Swansea.

Designed to enable any person wearing a hearing aid to listen to the output of a sound system, the church benefitted from a SigNET PDA loop system that is compliant with British Standards (BS EN 60118-4).

Working with the church’s existing sound equipment, Vaughan Sound also introduced microphones.

Allowing speech reinforcement for the vicar during services, a Trantec lapel radio microphone was incorporated into the scheme, along with an Audio-Technica microphone for use at the lectern.

Cabling for the systems was discreetly fixed around the perimeter of the building, with surface mounted containment utilised as necessary.

The cost-effective installation has ensured that the worship venue is accessible for all, with sound and speech at services now clearly audible.

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Project info

ClientAll Souls Church
LocationTycoch, Wales
EquipmentInduction Loop, Microphones

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