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If you are a business operating in a multi-floored building, then safety areas with disabled refuge systems are a requirement by law.

A Disabled Refuge, or Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) system, is a life safety intercom/telephone system that allows for effective two-way communication during a fire alarm emergency.

Building regulations state that all new multi-floored public buildings must include refuge areas for users and visitors who are unable to use stairs, fire escapes and evacuation lifts in the event of an emergency. Disabled refuge systems ensure a controlled and safe evacuation – and can ultimately save lives.

BS 9999: The code of practice for fire safety in the design, management, and use of buildings requires that refuge areas are provided with independent communication between occupants and building management. Furthermore, the two-way system must be readily operated by and comprehensible to disabled people.

BS 5839-9: The code of practice for the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of emergency voice communication systems.

This British Standard states that a disabled refuge system is intended as a device for use by management, the fire service, disabled people and members of the public unable to exit the building.

The system should incorporate two types of remote (outstations) which are defined as; Type A – the telephone handset that is designed for use by fire officers for evacuation purposes, and Type B – the hands-free device for use by persons requiring assistance.

Vaughan Sound designs, installs, and maintains disabled refuge and emergency voice communication systems for these areas, where individuals can await safe evacuation.

Our carefully designed systems feature integrated equipment that offers complete efficiency in the event of a fire or emergency situation.

We are a United Kingdom Approved Distributor for Baldwin Boxall, one of the leading manufacturers of disabled refuge and emergency voice communication systems.

Compliant with British Standards (BS 5839-9 and BS 9999), Vaughan Sound’s disabled refuge systems provide simple but effective two-way communication.

They are essential in enhancing accessibility, assisting rescue teams to determine where help is required, and reassuring building users in these refuge areas that help is on the way.

Vaughan Sound’s disabled refuge systems may feature networked or standalone devices, enabling intuitive integration into building management systems and scalable solutions for complex, expansive spaces.

Our product offerings also include disabled toilet alarms, outstations and pull cords, ensuring users of disabled WCs can obtain support via proficient communication systems as required.

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