Glynn Vivian Art Gallery - Vaughan Sound

Vaughan Sound has installed a five-zone combined voice alarm and public address system, induction loops, display screens and audio equipment, as part of the multi-million-pound refurbishment of Glynn Vivian Art Gallery in Swansea.

Appointed by Whitehead Building Services, Vaughan Sound specified a Baldwin Boxall Vigil voice alarm with DSP-controlled router. This comprises a single zone evacuation system linked to the fire alarm. The public address, which operates in conjunction with the voice alarm, provides coverage to General Areas, the Atrium Gallery, Community Room, Cafeteria and Main Gallery. Each area of the building is therefore independently zoned, with each being separately monitored for faults.

Eight facility panels are positioned around the five broadcast zones, with a range of EN-54 compliant cabinet, ceiling and projection loudspeakers delivering even sound and emergency message distribution as per BS 5839 part 8 regulations within public spaces.

The system is served via a free-standing, intelligent paging microphone and fireman’s microphone in IP66 lockable enclosure. Vaughan Sound also provided bilingual alert and evacuation messages, as well as all system commissioning, including audio and STI readings.

Induction loops for the hard of hearing have been fitted within the Community Room and Education Room, certified as per BS EN 60118-4. Audio reinforcement for the temporary exhibition is delivered by JBL Control loudspeakers, whilst LED screens with built in smart digital signage provide a visual information display solution.

Whilst the character and charm of the original building have been preserved, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery is now a modern destination for art lovers. Offering more gallery and social space, as well as a new library, lecture theatre, shop and greater accessibility for all ages, it will maintain its status as one of Wales’ top cultural attractions.

Glynn Vivian Art Gallery is a partner of Tate, and exchanges programmes, ideas and skills with the Plus Tate network of visual arts organisations across the UK. The redevelopment and restoration works were funded by the Arts Council of Wales, City and County of Swansea, European money, the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Welsh Government.

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