Swansea Crematorium - Vaughan Sound

Swansea Crematorium has recently received significant upgrades to its sound system thanks to the work of Vaughan Sound.

The crematorium was opened in the 1950s and sits in the grounds of Morriston cemetery in the north of the city.

We have maintained a longstanding relationship with the venue, having previously installed and maintained the existing sound system.

Both the City and County of Swansea (Registrar of Births, Deaths, Marriages & Civil Partnerships) and our team felt that the time was right to overhaul the sound system.

The overall aim was to maintain the high standards expected from bereaved family members, ensuring Priests, Ministers and speakers could be heard clearly with excellent tonal quality.

Over the years, Vaughan Sound has frequently replaced microphones and loudspeakers. However, the time called for a complete upgrade of the amplification, control and processing equipment, along with the microphones and external loudspeakers under the external canopy areas.

The outside canopy areas often see vast numbers of mourners gathering to pay their respects when the crematorium is full.

Currently outdoor gathering is suspended due to COVID-19, with limited numbers and social distancing guidelines also in place. However, the external work was implemented at the same time as the internal upgrades, with final commissioning to take place once larger gatherings are allowed at funerals.

For the sound processing, we specified and installed a BSS BLU-50 digital sound processor with BSS networked audio controllers, which now provide a much greater level of control for the crematorium staff and operators.

The audio is now zoned to the Main Chapel, Back of House, Front Canopy and Rear Canopy, with the BSS audio processor allowing control of each area via a simple to operate remote volume control located in the office. Remote access is also available via a network connection.

The amplification was upgraded to equipment from the Lab Gruppen LUCIA SERIES, which benefits from a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Microphones from Audio Technica were provided, including a discrete gooseneck model with shock mount base for the main lectern, which has a tailored response for speech and also guards against unwanted RF interference from portable wireless devices such as smartphones.

The loudspeakers in the main service area were recently updated to new versions from the Apart range, so these were maintained and incorporated into the new sound system. Outdoors, the old loudspeakers were decommissioned and replaced with new Tannoy AMS models with weather-resistant enclosures.

Vaughan Sound worked collaboratively with Obitus, a leading bereavement media service provider supplying the music elements and visual tributes for a funeral service along with live webcasting.

The Obitus solution provides an online library for family members to select their music and hymns before the service along with any visual tributes.

During the funeral service, the music and visual tributes are managed by their system which incorporates remote control options for staff and service hosts to activate the media.

The Obitus solution is a fully automated webcasting system and due to the pandemic has become an even more popular option for those who cannot attend the service in person.

Finally, the CCTV system was upgraded too, with a new NVR and cameras from Dahua.

A new floor-standing equipment rack was installed to securely house all of the audio and CCTV hardware.

The completed upgrades at Swansea Crematorium have been very well received and have significantly enhanced the quality of services.

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