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Keep those sensitive conversations private with our sound masking in healthcare solutions for GP Surgeries, Hospitals and Medical Centres

Are confidential conversations in consulting rooms, waiting rooms and public areas being overheard? Is speech privacy a concern? Our sound masking in healthcare solutions offer proven results to eliminate these issues.

Medical spaces should promote rest, relaxation and recovery. But noise nuisance, disruptions and private conversations can all impact upon patient satisfaction and ultimately medical outcomes.

The basic principle of sound masking technology involves the introduction of a background unobtrusive sound via ceiling mounted emitters, strategically positioned at regular intervals within the space. By adding sound masking patients are able to sleep better, significantly aiding recuperation, while the intelligibility of confidential conversations is reduced, thus enhancing staff and patient privacy and ma

Advantages of sound masking in healthcare:

• Improve patient satisfaction, healthcare delivery and medical outcomes. • Protect speech privacy and confidentiality. • Reduce distractions and unpleasant background noise. • Eliminate the need for expensive construction or sound absorption materials. • Build a better acoustic environment. 

How sound masking works

Sound masking involves a discrete audio system, which adds low level, unobtrusive background sound within the frequencies of the human speech spectrum.

The purpose of sound masking is to reduce the intelligibility of speech in a localised area, uniformly filtering down into the treated space below. The added sound actually makes the space seem quieter by reducing the intelligibility of human speech.

When you cannot fully hear or understand what someone is saying, their voice is significantly less distracting – in fact, you may not even notice them at all.

The masking sound is programmed to be both comfortable and effective at masking human speech. This in turn greatly increases concentration levels and productivity.

Most conventional sound masking systems are linked to public address and/or background music systems.

Studies show that patients in rooms with sound masking find that it helps to shorten the time it takes to fall asleep and prevents unwanted noises from disrupting their sleep. Patients have reported they slept better, felt it was quieter, and were more satisfied with staff care. In addition, incidence of patient readmittance to the hospital was lower.

Niklas MoellerVice-President, K.R. Moeller Associates

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