Audio improvements for Bethesda Chapel

Vaughan Sound has completed an audio installation at Llangennech’s Bethesda Chapel and its adjoining community hall.

For the chapel itself, the staff requested a technical solution that would improve the existing sound system and ultimately enhance services and ceremonies. To meet the audio needs of the clergy and congregation, Vaughan Sound specified four APart loudspeakers, which were discreetly positioned around the building, a TOA mixer amplifier and a range of Audio-Technica and Trantec handheld and mounted microphones.

The hall received a small sound system comprising of an Audio-Technica desk mounted microphone and two APart cabinet loudspeakers controlled by a TOA mixer amplifier that accepts input from a music source such as an iPod or MP3 device.

Both unobtrusive installations were undertaken with the utmost consideration to the surroundings and have provided Bethesda Chapel and hall with clear, intelligible audio.