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Vaughan Sound has completed a large-scale audio-visual project at NPT Homes Ltd’s new headquarters at Baglan Energy Park.

Over a dozen different areas have seen specialist AV technology installed as part of the fit-out for the not-for-profit organisation, which handles the management and ownership of Council housing in Neath Port Talbot.

Vaughan Sound was approached by Jehu Project Services of Bridgend to undertake the supply and installation to the first and second fix work stages for the new build on Brunel Way, in accordance with BREENPT Homes - PAI GroupAM New Construction ISO 14001, 18001 and BES 6001 certification standards.

A Panasonic 4000 lumen WXGA resolution projector, 3.5m retractable electric screen in 16:9 format, TOA 60 watt mixer amplifier, various Current Thinking IR products, six RCF PL8X recessed ceiling loudspeakers and an AMX Novara custom programmed eight button control panel were amongst the key items specified and installed within the large Theatre Room.

The Conference Room saw a slightly smaller 2.4m retractable electric screen, again in 16:9 format, fitted along with a Panasonic 3000 lumen WXGA resolution projector. A floor box connection panel complete with dedicated cabling, WA40 slave audio amplifier complete with a pair of wall mounted speakers, plus a further AMX Novara custom programmed eight button control panel and Current Thinking IRMTX750 IR modulator/radiator were just some of the products installed within this key business space.

A pair of Current Thinking ET30C counter loop induction systems were fitted in Reception, whilst a 42” LG Commercial Pro LCD TV with PC input was mounted to the wall space. A further five models were installed within the Ground Floor Cafeteria, First and Second Floor Breakout Areas and First Floor Contact Centre.

Each of five separate meeting rooms received Panasonic 3000 lumen WXGA resolution projectors with 1.8m retractable electric screens, laptop/DVD/HDMI connection points with dedicated cabling, audio amplifiers and control panels.

The Reception, CafeteEVOKO Room Manager Systems - PAI Groupria and Contact Centre were equipped with SEDAO SWEPV2 digital signage players, whilst 12 EVOKO Room Manager Systems were also fitted.

Vaughan Sound was also responsible for the supply, installation and commissioning of an emergency voice communication (EVC) system, in line with BS 5839-9:2003, as part of this impressive business AV integration.