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Millennium Stadium

Vaughan Sound in conjunction with CUK Audio, Baldwin Boxall and the Welsh Rugby Union recently completed a major refurbishment of the audio system at the iconic Millennium Stadium, Cardiff.

Having worked historically on a number of installation projects at the sports venue - including teaming up with Security Centres to supply a new fire telephone system - VSI was invited to deliver an economic, cost-effective audio solution.

With emphasis on improving the sound system's operation and performance, the refurbishment vastly improves the audio quality, intelligibility and overall coverage, efficiently integrating with the stadium’s life safety systems in the eventuality of an emergency evacuation.

The installation, which was part of a £3 million refurbishment project, proved vital during the eight football preliminaries the Millennium Stadium hosted during the 2012 London Olympics.

Vaughan Sound is now contracted to provide ongoing maintenance and support during all events held at the venue, currently known as the Principality Stadium for sponsorship purposes.