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System Health Check 2019 Offer

Terms & Conditions

Vaughan Sound - Free Health Check July 2019


  • All bookings must be made with our Support team by either calling 01554 740500 or emailing
  • Bookings will typically be offered around 2-3 weeks in advance based on availability. Should an earlier cancellation become available this will be advised separately.
  • Vaughan Sound will do our very best not to have to change the date agreed but make no guarantee that this will be the case. In any event, we’ll not cancel at short notice unless this cannot be avoided due to external factors.
  • We’ll also confirm a booking a day in advance of agreed attendance to ensure access is available. If we’re unable to contact anyone to make this confirmation, the visit may be rescheduled.
  • Bookings will typically be made for either a morning or afternoon slot. Subject to external factors, our engineer will arrive between 0800 and 1200 for a morning appointment, and 1300 and 1600 for an afternoon appointment.
  • An email address will be taken for ongoing contact and for delivery of the Health Check report upon completion.


  • During booking, we’ll agree how to access your site and to whom our engineer should report on arrival. Please ensure that the nominated persons are available at the designated access point to meet our engineer.


  • Our engineer will not be attending with any high-level access equipment. If the client wishes our team to complete inspections requiring work at height, these should be explained at the time of booking. Should we agree to this work being within the scope of our inspection, the client will need to arrange for correctly installed and certified access equipment to be in place prior to the arrival of our engineer.
  • To facilitate short duration work at height involving low level inspections, our engineers will utilise portable steps and a suitable risk assessment will be in place for this work. If the utilisation of portable steps will not be allowed on client sites, please advise at time of booking and the scope for our engineer will be changed to accommodate this.
  • Vaughan Sound prioritises the safety of our workforce, our clients, other trades and members of the public. Typical Health Check activities will be covered by our risk assessment, an electronic copy of which will be available on request. Should additional controls be necessary, please advise our bookings team who will discuss these options with you. While we regularly operate a comprehensive safety management system, any significant changes we are required to make to our typical Health Check safe system of work may incur a nominal charge.


  • Our system Health Check activities will take a maximum of one hour, during which time our allocated experienced engineer will review your systems and their state of operation. This will not include any planned service or remedial activities unless – at the discretion of our engineer – this is deemed necessary to better understand the equipment’s operational state.
  • For our internal use, some information may be taken from your installed systems including, but not necessarily limited to; configuration data, equipment information (e.g. manufacturer, model, serial number), system images etc. No personal data will be accessed.
  • For our engineer to adequately assess your systems, it will be necessary to operate these. If this will be inconvenient due to other operations (e.g. areas in use, or unwanted noise associated with audio system tests), then please discuss this at the time of booking and we’ll review what options are available to mitigate any disruption.


  • Vaughan Sound operates a database driven, mobile field engineering management system. Our engineers are allocated calls digitally and will look to have clients sign their devices on departure to confirm their attendance.
  • The results of the Health Check will be separately noted in a digital format. A copy of these will be emailed to the email address provided to our bookings team.
  • Our engineers use a standard format for noting comments arising. Typically these are as follows:
    • Major non-conformance: a primary system is not operating safely and/or correctly, and/or either doesn’t support client’s intended operations or the risk of failure in the future is high.
    • Minor non-conformance: a secondary system is not operating correctly, although is unlikely to seriously affect client operations.
    • Recommendation: our engineer believes the system in question should be reviewed as its operation is not optimal, although this doesn’t greatly affect client operations. Equally, any legacy items (typically greater than five years old) may be noted if these are no longer supported by manufacturers.
    • Observation: general notes our engineer may wish to advise that do not fit into any other category above.
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